Newly screwed

Hi Guys, I have a few questions so please be patience. The first one is I lost my job in the automotive industry the first of the year. The FOC is still holding me accountable for that amount until I get another. Can they do that? My next question is I was thinking about going back to school and working P/T can they force you to hold forty a week?[…]

Custody evaluators in San Francisco area

Do you have experience with child custody evaluators in the San Francisco Bay Area (specifically Marin County)? I am trying to select one and want to evaluate the evaluators. Even anecdotal information would help me. I am a dad trying to get half time with my 7 year old son and prevent his mom from moving out of state with him. These are some of the evaluators who work in[…]

Fed up in NY

It’s time to stand up in NY. Gov. Pataki wants to extend the Domestic Relations law and make certain parts that were only temporary into permanant law! What the Police commonly call “you call, we haul”. If your ex or soon to be ex files for an order of protection and before you get that chance to defend yourself she will use it as a weapon. Once she calls the[…]

Need help in Michigan

I’ve been divorced for about three years and my ex-wife is a classic case of an abuser of the court system. How do I defend myself against this? She keeps taking me to court for more child support but my kids are not seeing the benefits. They live in a dump but recently purchased a purebred German Shepherd to add to the seven cats and four birds. Am I paying[…]

Grandparent visitation

Does anyone have any experience with grandparents’ rights in Minnesota? I’ve read the Minnestota Family Code and it does not included very much info. Grandmother of baby refused visitation by mother unless father flies in from Cali. and it’s his visitation period. Lawyers told Grandmother she had no rights. Divorce and custody taking place in Cali. in two months. Any ideas? Thank you.

Being a DAD and in FAMILY COURT

Being a DAD and in FAMILY COURT, is a high stress situation. Some say that the intensity is higher than going through a death of a close family member… in view of maintaining survival and success: ‘If you ever experience a bout with depression, it is crucial to keep your body well nourished. Poor nutrition is strongly linked to depression and can trigger it or exacerbate depressive symptoms. If you[…]

Animal cruelty, domestic violence

Animal cruelty, domestic violence are often connected, agencies find NEW YORK-One man fried his children’s goldfish. Another broke into his estranged wife’s home and microwaved her kitten. A wife who fled to a battered-women’s shelter received an audiotape from her husband; on it were the howls of her dog being tortured. In all three cases, say the antiphonies familiar with them, family members not the pets were the primary targets.[…]