My brother is screwed?

Here are the facts:

  • This is taking place in Colorado.
  • Brother married to woman for 17 years.
  • One son, 16 years old, from this marriage.
  • House paid off through my brother’s hard work – working two jobs for 6 years. Also the new car my sister-in-law drives is in my brother’s name and, in her name, I believe, and was paid for outright.
  • SIL works outside home as well – makes good money but not close to the amount that brother makes.
  • SIL is a compulsive gambler and has filed bankruptcy twice, once in former marriage, and once in marriage to brother (has done lots of other shady and immoral things regarding her gambling).
  • Verbal fight ensued after SIL wanted my brother to sign tax return without seeing breakdown (didn’t want him to see her winnings from gambling).
  • SIL sleeps in same bed with husband the night of fight, but by morning decides she fears for her life and has my brother arrested at his work.
  • Brother has a restraining order and could only gather a few personal items when escorted by police.
  • My brother is going before a judge (according to lawyer the judge, a man, never sides with the men in these cases) on Friday because SIL has filed for “temporary” alimony and child support even though she makes good money and son works outside the home. Son is never at home anyway, eats almost entirely outside of home, and has been given everything he could have ever wanted by my brother (I know this won’t matter in court).
  • Brother got a lawyer straight away, but in my reading of one of the links on “How to Hire an Attorney” it looks like maybe he jumped the gun.

Do any of you have any advice you can give to my brother? He usually borrows money online, he has been divorced once before but that was when he was young, didn’t have any assets and woman he was married to wasn’t that savvy. This current wife has been divorced once, has children by the previous marriage, is very sick and manipulative, and knows how to work the system. Please offer your knowledge. I have a feeling my brother is going to get screwed royally.