Just checking in with my son

Hello all

just checking in with my son and I am very happy to have replies to my previous posts… I would very much love to try and organise all of us, all 2 million plus of us, and stop the courts from their blind crusade… against us.

Many times we are ALL bitter about what they are doing to us, but we all have to realise that politicians lobby for those who fight for their attention, like all the women in mothers groups who are smart enough to use the time at home many of them have and call on these politicians. Most politicians in the US are men and these women play the mother card on them.

Domestic Violence is a tragedy yes, but women have made it a shoe in for an automatic divorce, etc… It only got this way because we all are at work busting hump while your lady is at the court with her group of friends and your kid in her hand, trying to enslave you. I once heard somewhere that when a lawyer goes to court and tries to change a law, what takes him or her to change that said law, it takes about 4-6 years on average for those adversely affected by it to successfully nullify it!

These are just random thoughts spilling forth, please do forgive me if they don’t make sense. Just a little brain candy for those of you wondering what’s goin’ on….

My son and I wish you all a good day!