I totally agree with you

We do need to band together and fight for what’s rightfully ours.

Maybe we need to look at some “women” organizations and see how it is done, I do know that this will be a long battle because us men have been silent for so long and have allowed women to voice their concerns as well as their opinions. I’m going to start writing to my local state representative and go from there.

One thing that I have started doing is to be vocal to just about any one I come into contact with about how the child support system really works,am going to write a letter the editor of the local newspaper and see where to go from there. I think that one thing that is in my favor is that there has been two D.A. changes in the county here and everyone has been complaining about how messed up the D.A.s office is. I will keep you informed of what happens and with our “actions” we will hopefully be able to make changes. I am now talking about payday lending in the US, too. Something has to be done.