I make 43K per year in NYC

Rent for a studio is 1000$ per month. Food gas and electric are another 200$ per month. This does not include transport and basic living needs. Mandatory medical ordered by court is 263$ per month. Taxes are 950$ per month. Court ordered slavery is 520$ per month for child support, another 300$ per month for alimony. Wife is illegal in the country and court ruled that she cant work so I am responsible for her well being. Court just ordered me to pay 2000$ for her attorneys’ fees in 35 days….

I am 26 years old in 3 weeks. I was married less than 1 year to this woman. I love my son and know now without a doubt I would rather die than ever loose him. I sleep on the couches of all my friends who love me and my son and understand what I am doing. I have no money anymore and can’t pay my lawyer now. I am a desperate man living the life of someone scheming to stay alive and above ground. I think I will apply for a loan soon. I now have nothing to offer my son but experience with the court system. I will tell him very wise words and make sure he understands them. It is him against the machine. He has almost no chance if he goes by their rules. I will tell him to run and not get caught, I will harbor him and not let them near him. He will know NOT TO EVER trust the courts, for they will punish him for being a man playing a game designed for the rich. It killed his daddys’ soul.

I have nothing anymore but a job to pay people for the fight to keep him in my life so he does not have to grow up on the street like me, without a daddy, wandering from fight to fight. I came up out of these streets and made a life for myself, tried to beat the stats and made it, only to be torn down again. Just like prisoners out on a punishing parole decree who almost always end up back inside because of severe limitations that don’t let them go straight, I am in the same boat….
This is why I can’t help you….