It is terrible that someone died

It is terrible that someone died because of the family court system.

I am afraid to state this but I think that the only way that real reform will happen is when non custodial parents (unfortunately men mostly) stop committing suicide, stop killing the ex’ etc and turn their attention to the real culprits and that is the family court judges – I think if I were a judge and that there were fathers who feared losing their children to an ex around willing to take my life because I said that they could not see their children or they had to ‘pay to visit them’ – I would be more willing to split children, force both parties to work together and throw away child support guidelines even if it meant putting both parents in jail..

I am of strong opinion that judges think they are god when it comes to the court and ‘their’ courtroom.

Alls I know is that if the judges continue to be stupid – one day columbine will happen but it won’t be students – it will be judges.