Stopping harassment court cases

Two years ago my inlaws tried to sue me for custody of my children. They dropped the case.

Since then I have moved to New Jersey. They have found me. Now they are suing me for custody again. Next week is my court case. I have an attorney.

I just wondered is there any law if they don’t show up in court again, that can stopped them from filing another suit at a future date?

This is a game they play, they are nuts. It worked with their other daughter’s ex husband. I kept him in and out of court for 7 years, got him fired from several jobs, etc. Until the man finally gave up his visitation rights, still pays child support and moved away and left no forwarding address. They feel they have won and have his daughter totally brainwashed against him.

I have no intentions of letting them win in the case of my children, but I can’t keep taking time off from work for all of their bogus bs, I have two kids to support. I want to put a stop to this once and for all. If anyone knows of a law to stop these wackos, please let me know?