Being a DAD and in FAMILY COURT

Being a DAD and in FAMILY COURT, is a high stress situation. Some say that the intensity is higher than going through a death of a close family member…

in view of maintaining survival and success:

‘If you ever experience a bout with depression, it is crucial to keep your body well nourished. Poor nutrition is strongly linked to depression and can trigger it or exacerbate depressive symptoms.

  • If you have trouble fitting seven fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, think of new ways to do it. Strawberries on your cereal, cherries on your frozen yogurt, and pineapple with your ham steak for dinner are just three ways to “sneak” fruit onto your plate.
  • Pass on the breadbasket. Many people with depression are allergic to the gluten in wheat. Try substituting brown rice or a wheat-free bread made with soy or millet.
  • Remember: sugar can turn on you. A big dose of sugar may temporarily boost your spirits with a little rush of energy. But that rush is quickly followed by an energy crash, which can leave you feeling tired and depressed.
  • Avoid fatty fast foods. A steady diet of French fries and hamburgers can lead to low energy and poor brain function. Which can lead to poor spirit function.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine. These substances also “play with” your system by artificially taking you to one apparently positive level, only to quickly reverse the feeling.
  • Investigate your mood. Your blues may not have anything to do with how many greens you’re getting. If adjusting your diet is having little effect, visit a therapist to look into other causes.’