Need help in Michigan

I’ve been divorced for about three years and my ex-wife is a classic case of an abuser of the court system. How do I defend myself against this?

She keeps taking me to court for more child support but my kids are not seeing the benefits. They live in a dump but recently purchased a purebred German Shepherd to add to the seven cats and four birds. Am I paying child support or pet support? The front door to the house is falling apart and the railing on the porch is broken. Whenever the kids visit I have to wash their CLEAN clothes because they smell like a kennel. She also like to gamble alot and I know her friends are less than reputable (known drug users.) We don’t have any money to hire a lawyer because I only bring home 52% of my GROSS INCOME.

And yet there is more. . .We live 185 miles away form them and every time we go to court my wife and I have to take a day off work.

Can someone help us please? We are feeling very defeated and we have ten years to go.