Fed up in NY

It’s time to stand up in NY. Gov. Pataki wants to extend the Domestic Relations law and make certain parts that were only temporary into permanant law! What the Police commonly call “you call, we haul”. If your ex or soon to be ex files for an order of protection and before you get that chance to defend yourself she will use it as a weapon.

Once she calls the police and makes a claim, no matter how trivial, so long as the “Order of Protection” is in force they must arrest you and let the court figure it out.

You spend the night in jail and you pay for a criminal lawyer. Email the Governor, your State Senetor and State Assembly rep to stop this. The Governor feels that the police are not smart enough to handle these situations. The police must arrest you if called period. Your Civil rights get violated not to mention the criminal records you then have, the indignity, the shame and embarrassment plus it can all happen in front of your children. Think about that.