mayaboatAn experiment to electromagnetically tap the sun’s power goes awry, triggering the long-prophesied apocalyptic terrestrial pole shift. Three separate but intricately intertwined groups of people struggle to survive the unsurvivable.

Sky on fire, mile-high molten magma tsunami’s, oceanfront property in Cincinnati. “Wild Ride” is in the vein of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with similar dramatic elements of “Titanic.” It’s a fast-moving, dramatic story of survival, rebirth, indomitable spirit, and the cyclical nature of life.

WILD RIDE was a quarter-finalist award-winner in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting competition.

Genre: Action-adventure. 116 PAGES, 21,504 words. Read the WILD RIDE synopsis.



Charismatic Highland “Hi-Riser” Risert, a regally handsome multi-millionaire, former NBA all-star, and successful entrepreneur has it all – a booming hi-tech company, a beautiful family, and a blessed life.

But not for long.

The company goes belly up, and Highland is involved in a horrific accident that kills his family. He survives, but is disfigured and crippled for life. An accident? Maybe … maybe not.

ACCEPTANCE BRIDGE is a story about overcoming insurmountable odds, emotional twists, humorous turns, and a spiritually uplifting climax.

Genre: Drama – Coming of Age. 111 pages, 18,343 words. Read the ACCEPTANCE BRIDGE synopsis.


electromagnetismWhat if a machine had been invented that cured all disease with no drugs, no pain, no chemo?

It was … 80 years ago.  Then it disappeared.  Lost for all those years deep inside the darkest bowels of  Government.

But now …  terrorists threaten to end all life on earth in 72 hours with a bio-engineered and incurable super-virus unless their ransom demands are met. Because of that, the long-held secret of the miracle machine may have to be revealed. And used.

RESONANCE is a fact-based, psychological thriller of good and evil, myth, magic and mystery. A story of love an betrayal leading to apocalyptic twists and a cataclysmic climax.

RESONANCE was a Writers Digest Screenwriting Competition and Project Greenlight Screenlight Competition award-winner.

Genre: ThrillerSocial Drama. 105 pages, 15,699 words. Read the RESONANCE synopsis.

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