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How to Stay Relevant in Business and Life … Forever?

February 1, 2014

I heard a couple of acquaintances talk about a person they work with that was “older” and no longer contributing to their business. This person apparently couldn’t, or wouldn’t, learn new skills. Or, for that matter, even keep up with the skill-set needed for the job. Age was mentioned, and not favorably. They thought this person should be “put out to pasture.”


An Inconvenient Genius

February 12, 2014

How often has one person affected humanity to such a degree that were the fruits of his labor withdrawn immediately from our day-to-day existence, the world as we know it … would essentially stop?


The Power of Resistance: Lessons Learned from Bestselling Author Steven Pressfield

February 25, 2012

I’ve had the good fortune to interview and work with many great storytellers over the last few years.  J.D. Meier, program manager for Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices team, and author of the “Sources of Insight”blog, asked me what the most important lessons I’d learned from the high-profile “working” writers and storytellers … the ones who actually make a living doing it.


New Year’s Resolution Dissolution – When Good Intentions Go Bad

January 3, 2013

Featuring an interview with Lynne McTaggart, author of “The Intention Experiment,” the first book to invite readers to take an active part in original research and featured in Dan Brown’s new book – “The Lost Symbol.”


Ten Tips for Being “Good in a Room” in the Complex Sale

July 9, 2012

What is the one trait that’s an absolute “must have” to win the complex sale in today’s competitive sales environment? The skill is critical to your success – in business or life. You must be … “Good in a Room.” What does that mean? Stephanie Palmer, author of the book of the same name, “Good in a Room,” puts it in perspective.


How NOT to Stand Out in Any Crowd

January 20, 2012

You, your product, your service, your company, is good … maybe great. It’s different, unique, totally rad, awesomeroo and bloggerific. It even (occasionally) delivers real business value; makes an authentic difference in business or life. But … no one has heard of you. You haven’t even heard of you! Here’s how to get your message out – or not. Featuring an interview with Sam Horn, author of “POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd.”

Character is Coin of the realm

An Affair Shakes the Presidency … In Scandal or Crisis, Character is the Still the Coin of the Realm

January 28, 2012

The story and interview that follows is not about avoiding a scandal or crisis, but how one American President through strength of character dealt with a situation that threatened his presidency, his reputation, his place in history and … America’s credibility.


What Does “Shoot the Donkey” Mean?

July 31, 2010

The term “Shoot the Donkey” refers to a classic scene in the movie “Patton” (based upon a true life event) where the Third Army gets critically held up in battle on a bridge, by a cart-pulling donkey that had stopped and refused to budge, totally blocking the bridge. Life and death are at stake. An MP struggles with the donkey and the owner, trying to get them out of the way. But with no success. Then …

Twitter … Eschatological Sign of Writing Times?

August 10, 2009

Twitter – a simple micro-blogging service.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Ha! That’s what THEY want you to think. But professional purveyors of corporate gobbledygook know, yes they know, Twitter is a tool straight …

Animotorized World Movie Premier of The World Wide Rave vs. The World Wide Knave

January 1, 2009

You saw it here first. Social Media’s version of Ali vs. Frazier. Jordan vs. Bugs Bunny. Luci vs. Dezi and Curly vs. Moe.

It’s the Thought Leader of the World Wide Rave vs. The Thoughtless Leader – AKA the World Wide Knave.

SPOILER. The Knave Rules!

SHOWTIME: The Animotorized Premiere of the movie trailer for the World Wide Rave vs.. The World Wide Knave.

The Power of STORY in the Complex Sale

November 25, 2008

Robert McKee, the best-selling author of “STORY” and legendary guru of Hollywood storytelling, explains in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand interview, how STORY principles can be used in business presentations. Learn from the man that wrote the book on story (literally) – how to stun, dazzle and leave your audience craving for more.

But what does “Love” have to do with it?

Animoto: Customer Service 2.0 … The Way it Oughta Be

November 24, 2008

What’s the “Perfect Customer Experience?” When your service and product deliver such a 1-2 knockout punch that your customers become your biggest fans and advocates – and your business soars. Here’s how a company named Animoto turns their customers into Fanimotos … along with seven real-world Animoto examples you can check out.

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